Annual Register 2

Der folgende Beitrag betont die taktische Herausforderung für Ferdinand, die Franzosen aus ihrer sicheren Stellung heraus zu bringen und in der Ebene zur Schlacht zu stellen:

„In this general gloom that overspread the fortune of the allies, the Prince kept himself unmoved and attentive to his designs. He did
not suffer himself to be disconcerted by blows, which he had probably foreseen, and the ill consequences of which he knew how to prevent. The
body of the French army after the taking of Minden, had posted themselves near the city, to which the right of their army extended;
their left was protected by a very steep hill; in their front was a large morass; and a rivulet covered their rear. Nothing could be more
advantageous than this situation; and whilst they continued in it, nothing could be enterprized against them. The army of the allies after
a continued retreat, began at last to advance, and fixed their camp altogether as advantageously at Petershagen, a place about three
leagues from the enemy.

Things were brought to that pass, that nothing but a battle could hinder the French from taking winter quarters to the electorate. There
was no possibility of attacking them with any hope of success in the camp which they then occupied. The point was to draw them from that
post into the plain; but the movements necessary to effects this were extremely hazardous to an inferior army, in sight of the enemy. The
operations of Prince Ferdinand, on this occasion, displayed so penetrating and uncommon a genius, such a guarded boldness, such a
certainty of the grounds he went upon, such a perfect possession of himself, that perhaps is no instance in history of generalship so
compleat and finished; for which reason we shall endeavour from the best lights we have, to draw out at length the several parts that concurred to form this remarkable piece; we could indeed with that authentic accounts of so very memorable an event, had been more clear and explicit, but we must content ourselves with the materials we have.“

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